Covid-19 Protection and Prevention Policy

COVID 19 Safety Guidelines

Rebecca O'Sullivan Make Up will carry out hygiene safety that complies with guidelines by Government and our industry sector.

-Every surface will be cleaned and wiped with the appropriate sanitiser between each appointment. -All items of equipment will be disinfected before and after every service. -Washable gowns, towels and masks will be used at all times. -Rebecca O'Sullivan has taken the appropriate training course to ensure she can carry out Make Up Application in a safe, hygienic and professional manner. -Rebecca O'Sullivan is fully trained and familiar with the government guidelines on the emergency plan for Clients presenting with Covid-19.

Professional Services.

Rebecca O'Sullivan has reviewed her services and feels that is is safe to proceed from 3rd July 2020.

PPE will be worn and replaced after every client, until further notice.

Wipeable materials will be cleaned and disinfected.

Disposable applicators will be used and discarded after each use.

Pressed powder products- An antibacterial makeup sanitising spray will be used in accordance to manufacturers guidelines and instructions.

Clients will be contacted prior to calling out to premises to ensure that neither they or anyone they live with has any symptoms or is self-isolating.

Rebecca O'Sullivan will wear a mask and apron on the premises and will wash her hands before and after every client interaction.

Makeup storage bags, cases, and directors chairs will be cleaned and disinfected each day.

All makeup products will be decanted where possible.

All makeup brushes will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly as per industry standard after each clinet.

All products will be disinfected after each use.All material items will be washed in hot water at least 60 degrees Celsius.

Arriving to premises You will be greeted warmly but unfortunately without a handshake or a hug ☹

Hand sanitiser must be used by Rebecca O'Sullivan and Clients. Rebecca O'Sullivan asks clients to use hand sanitisers provided before and after each service.

Rebecca O'Sullivan asks that you attend appointments alone, and on time to minimise contact with other clients coming and going.

Please Contact Rebecca and re-arrange your appointment, at no additional cost, if you have a temperature, or are feeling unwell; or if any person in your household is unwell or is self-isolating. Please do not come to the premises if you or anyone you live with is unwell or self-isolating. Rebecca is happy to discuss any of your individual concerns and can be contacted on 0872186603

Travelling from Abroad

Please follow government guidelines if you are travelling from abroad, this is in the interest of everyone’s safety. You will find all the information needed from Rebecca O'Sullivan Make Up does reserve the right to refuse any clients who have come from abroad and have not isolated and adhered to government guidelines and are presenting symptoms of COVID 19.

I, ____________________ of ______________________ hereby confirm that I have read and understand the procedures outlined above. I confirm that I will comply with all of the guidelines as set out in relation to me, the client. I confirm that I am feeling well, am not self-isolating and my temperature is normal. I confirm that Rebecca O'Sullivan Make Up has been compliant with Government guidelines and am happy for her to proceed with services.

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