Bridal Trials

The year always begins with lots of trials for the bride's who are booked in for that year.. so my Jan/Feb Saturdays are generally taken up with bridal trials. People always ask me lots of questions regarding trials so I thought I would pop up a general FAQ about them.

Can I have a trial before I secure the date: Yes but it needs to be booked in immediately as dates are not not held without deposits and there is no point doing a trial for a date that is already booked for someone else.

How do I book the wedding date? When you recieve a quote and are happy to go ahead with the booking you will receive information about securing the booking with a deposit which comes off the price on the day. Trial fees are separate and payable on the date of the trial.

How long does the trial take and how far in advance should I book the trial?

Trials are approx 1.5- 2 hour appointments to allow enough time for all the chat, make up, photos, tweaks and changes.

Trials can be done up to a year before if you are someone who is not experimental with you your hair. If you plan to change hair colour a few times before the wedding its better to hold out until you have a fair idea of what colour you will be close to. Its always good to have a good overall idea of your style for the day...dress, flowers, ideas for hair etc so that I can get a better feel for the type of make up you are going for and advise on what will work really well.

Where do you do trials?

Trial appointments are back to back for that reason I cannot travel for them unless its a trial for the whole bridal party (which is rare) Usually only the bride gets a trial or the mother of the bride if she is feeling nervous about make up which can be common with the mammies.

Short answer In my own workshop in Kildare town or In Deane hair design kildare town depending on the date in question depends on where I may be.

What if I want to make tweaks or changes after the trial?

Absolutely no problem at all you just tell me, as I always say Make up is not like getting a fringe you are not stuck with it. It comes off as easy as it goes on so if you want more or less than the trial we tweak to suit. It's your face, you're the boss!

I have a really fussy (Bridal party member) How do I deal with this?

Get them to contact me for a trial to put their mind at ease? If you have a member of your bridal party who wears ALOT of make up or NO make up they can often be weary...I aim to please all members of my bridal partys after all a happy bridesmaid is going to help out and perform better than one who is unhappy with their Hair/Make up/Dress so its best to please all.. Keep the minimal girls polished and glam but true to their natural selves and the more glam loving gals would still be glam but in a bridesmaid polished and professional way.

More Trial tips to follow :

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