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Bridal skincare regime

Something I am often asked about in the lead up to the big day, every bride want's their skin to look its absolute best and no wonder with all the pictures that are going to be taken. It's not just for weddings though, if you embark on a strict skin regime ''for the wedding'' why not keep it up? Your skin is for life not just for one day and lets face it we only get one, we need to look after it.

Top tips

Cleanse twice daily -Choose cleansers that have targeted results and not just face/baby wipes you might aswell not cleanse at all if you're going to use these. Micellar waters are fine for the weekend bag but some brands have been reported to alter the PH balance of the skin so limit the use to nights away or on the go, they're fine for occasional use but a targeted cleanser will remove make up, cleanse the skin and target specific skin concerns whatever they might be.

Use a separate eye make up remover for the removal of eyeshadow & mascara, cleansers can be drying around the eyes over long periods of use so a bi-phase eye make up remover is the best job.


Start a good facial skincare regime at least six months before the wedding, facials are expensive and sometimes hard to find the time and dollars to shell out for but your skin will thank you for it. Don't have anything too drastic done too close to a special occasion and don't try something new in the month or two before the wedding. You wouldn't believe the amount of times I have come to the brides house on the morning of and they are on steroids for a reaction to a skincare ingredient that was Last minute. This is totally avoidable. If it's not broke don't fix it...if it is broke give it ample time before the wedding to get it sorted.


Something a surprising amount of ladies don't add to their daily regime, if there is one thing I can get you to do its wear SPF daily on the face winter and summer!! I worked for Clinique many years ago and did lots of training on sun safety and sun skincare etc, major regret is not knowing that info at a much younger age and whenever I make up young women of debs age or junior bridesmaids I alway advise them to start wearing daily spf straight away. You can never start too young on saving the skin, SPF is key.


Exfoliate at least once a week, removing dead skin cells to make way for fresh, shiny new ones is so important, especially for helping make up look good. Theres nothing worse than applying make up to skin that needs a good exfolation. Make up will just sit on the surface, not last the same and look dull. Even using a towel face cloth daily to remove make up with cleanser will make a huge difference to the skin.

There are so many gentle exfoliants out there now, so much choice even for those with the most sensitive skin.


Make sure you feed your skin with enough water. Sometimes hard to do, but not only does your skin reap the rewards but your whole body. Try an extra few glasses a day and reduce the fizzy drinks and caffeine. The difference will set you up and keep you going with it.


Getting enough sleep, something we all strive to achieve but with busy lives feels almost impossible. Try meditation, going to bed earlier, cat napping where possible, any extra shut eye will aid the body, mind and skin.

I have a million other skin tips, I don't mention products here as thats a mine field if anyone has specific concerns that they want to contact me with, I am more than happy to recommend specific products for those needs. I don't like to throw out general product recommendations without know a bit more about what the person has/needs/wants to achieve.

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