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Tips for a fuss free fun wedding morning

Some tips to help your wedding morning run smoothly.

1. Get up on time

2. Make a little schedule with your hair and make up artist with loose appointment times for each member of the bridal party so that there is no clashes with the same person being needed for both at the same time. Always have the schedule finishing at least hour before you need to leave for dressing, photos, pics, drinks and general wiggle room.

3.Allow more time to get dressed than you think you need! Allow this time to get into dresses in a fuss-free, stress-free state of calm & zen.

4.Bridemaids get dressed before the bride to help bride with dressing.

5.Don't be last for make up...even if you have loads of time to spare..Trust me.

6.Get the most helpful/trusted member of your bridal party ready first so that they are free to do a few jobs for you...answering the phone, giving directions, last minute decor etc...

7.Eat. Make sure you have enough to eat and drink before getting dressed.

8.Give a bridesmaid the job of creating a playlist on spotify or having fun cheerful music playing -theres nothing worse than listening to bad news on the radio/tv

9.If you or any of the bridal party suffer with puffy morning eyes have some eye patches on the ready, or a small bowl of water in the fridge with cotton pads put in the night before. 10.The morning goes by so fast!! Enjoy it, such a fun happy morning & it REALLY does go by so quick!!

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