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Top tips for your make up trial

A lot of the time before scheduling a make up trial brides ask me what they need to bring, wear etc so I thought I might compile all the info in one place.

The trial is a great opportunity to meet your make up artist and get to know them, they will want to get to know you also so its good to allow the full time period to the trial that the make up artist has booked in for you. I think two hours is perfect as it allows plenty of time for chit chat, make up, taking pics, making tweaks and deciding on an overall look.

It's generally a good idea to have an idea in your mind of the look you are going for. I always, always advise my brides to not head down a totally different path than the one people are used to seeing you look like?! The last thing you want is for your guests to think they've arrived at the wrong ceremony because they don't recognise you! If your a make up wearing kind of girl then you have to wear an ample amount on the day so that you look like yourself, likewise a non make up wearing lady needs to look polished, understated and elegant without looking to 'made-up' so when meeting your make up artist be clear about your daily routine vs your occasional/ night out look.

Having a scroll through pinterest prior to the trial and giving your make up artist a fair idea with a reasonable expectation of how certain looks might turn out on you is also a plan. Picking pictures of models with not only a similar hair colour/ eye colour but skin tone and eye brow colour is also beneficial as a look can be made or broken by the brows and if your a minimalist person your really not going to appreciate the type of brow that brings some of these looks together. Red carpet oscars make up is usually a good reference point as you can find pics of women of all ages looking fabulously polished, defined and radiant, without falling into the trap of following a trend. Trends are not for wedding days... (look at the 80s and early 90s wedding pics)

Wear tan if you plan to do so for the big day, this is a must it will help you picture the look better, it will also enhance or change the tones of certain products used.

Wear your hair in a way you like it, often during trials I find brides taking down the hair, trying to visualise the look better.

After a trial I like to email the photos we took, trial pics are just for myself and the bride as reference points. I also send a detailed list of notes regarding the bride, the day, timings and products so that we have an online reference for the wedding day. I ask the bride for feedback from the trial, how the make up lasted if there was anything she noticed throughout the day and if we need to make tweaks or changes these are all simply added. It's important to be honest both during and after the trial if theres something you want to change it's generally never a problem its not like a hair cut make up comes and goes with the sweep of a cotton pad or brush.

If you really want something that your make up artist has advised against take on board their opinion but at the end of the day its your face and you can wear it whatever way you like, so just be sure to get your way.

If theres anything I missed here I will update as I think of them ;)

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