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Why use primer

So while I am in the height of “Trial Season” where I don’t share the pics, I thought I might answer some frequently asked questions. I am also very aware that my newsfeed and page feed looks all very samey... so in an attempt to change things up and ad some more informative posts Today I am rambling about Primer.... Do you need it? Every day or occasionally and which one to pick because there are so many to choose from?

Primer: The Basics: Primer creates an even canvas for you to apply make up, it acts as an anchor for your make up and gives your base (foundation) Something to grip on to. If your skin is oily it helps absorb excess oils before they reach the surface of the make up and if you are on the drier side it can help hydrate and give the skin a glow that it might otherwise be lacking. If the skin is combination it can help to even out the surface so that oily areas aren’t as shiny and dry areas don’t go flaky so that you get some more longevity from your foundation over the course of the day. Have you heard the analogy about priming a wall before you paint it? If you do so the paint will take less work as the base is well prepped.... When I do make up I am ALL about the skin and the base so a well prepped base is half the battle.

I personally don’t apply primer to my own skin on a daily basis it’s just a step I tend to skip, however when applying a make up to a client I would never skip this step as someone is getting make up done we build it to LAST so start from the beginning, if you add in this extra step when doing your make up for an event or occasion you will notice a difference at the end of the evening! That said you must use the right primer to suit your skin, its not a one size fits all approach, what works for your best pal who has a different skin type to you may not work for you.

My personal faves: I tend to vary the primer I am using depending on the needs of the client I am working with so for oiler ladies who tend to get a shiny T-Zone and may have slightly larger pores in the centre of the face I like Estee Lauder ‘The mattifier Shine control perfecting primer and finisher’ This is great for absorbing excess oil and keeping the T-zone a shine free area.

My other oily skin Fave is Which optically blurs any uneven skin texture it absorbs very quickly and make up glides on top beautifully. When the skin tends to be a bit dryer I like to use a primer that will offer the same benefit of anchoring the make up but will give the skin a boost and a radiant glow for this I use:

This bare minerals brightening primer is a dead ringer for Charlotte Tilbury wonder glow at almost half the price it gives the skin a beautiful lit from within rose gold glow. Two of my budget primer faves are from The ordinary, I would say that both of these are suited to most skin types so dry or oily and for the price you really can’t go wrong. The high spreadability fluid primer is supposed to be for a drier complexion but I have found it good with oil control also. This is a lovely creamy texture, it does its job well and contains no nasty ingredients, the other one is: Some find that this reacts with the PH in your skin so find the smell varies person to person, I don’t use it in my kit for that reason but use it myself and find it super!

All of the above opinions and products are things I use regularly in my kit, things that I find good and work for me a professional, nobody has sent me anything or paid me for my opinions but by all means if anyones reading this that wants to send me products feel free I am open to offers! LOL! Also If I haven’t mentioned your favourite primer it doesn’t mean its not a great product I just keep my priming needs in my kit to the bare minimum and replace what runs out and what I already know works.

Hope this answers some questions Have a great week -Rebecca

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