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Make up fixing sprays

Frequently asked while I spritz before, during and after make up ....What is that? Why? and ouuuuhhh that smells nice!

First of all after a skin prep I will usually spritz a make up priming spray (Make up revolution priming water or mac fix plus) onto the skin before I head off to start the eyes, I’m not a million % sure why I do it beforehand I think I heard it from Amber Dean at some point...? all I do know is that when ever I actually do this to myself my face tends to stay put for a very long time! I will then go ahead with the rest of the make up and after I have finished the complexion (foundation/concealer/powder) I’ll give another spritz to remove the powdered look on the face and then once the make up is fully finished I will give one more quick spritz.

So in a nutshell I think different make up fixing sprays promise to deliver different results I have often used different sprays on the same face. (priming water or fix+ under and then oil control setting spray at the end. One to hydrate and one will contain oil absorbing properties as it’s generally excessive oil or dehydration that helps make up deteriorate throughout the day. If you work in an air conditioned environment, a water spray like Evian or again Mac fix + and Elizabeth Arden eight hour hydration mist is great to spritz throughout the day, or on a flight to keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

My main fixing spray brands : Mac fix +, Make up revolution priming water, and oil control spray, skindinavia bridal fixing spray (not the most amazing scent!!) Kaeso fresh faced, and Urban decay all nighter. I also picked up the le mara face spray from Aldi recently and find it a great mist to use pre-make up.

Hopefully all this info helps -Rebecca x

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