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Skincare tips

If you're not one for always looking after your skin then starting a month or two weeks before the big day isn't always the best plan. There's countless blog posts on the importance of skincare and a good routine (that doesn't involve wipes) so I won't bore you with the nitty gritty details these are just my top tips when it comes to your skin for your wedding or any big event or even just life in only get one skin you might aswell look after it?

Ditch the wipes.

If its not broke don't fix it?

Normal skin, well behaved clear pretty much all of the time? Whatever you're doing or NOT doing is probably working for you, why change it? Looking for an extra bit of glow or brightness to the skin add in a serum or an oil at night time My favourites

The ordinary hyaluronic serum good for every skin type regardless of your lack of skin concerns

Image Vitamin C hydrating serum

Botanics Purply Orchid Oil

Whatever your budget these three won't do your skin any harm. Start about eight weeks before a big event incase your skin does experience an adverse reaction. Also the longer you give your skin with a new product the better it will look by the time your event occurs

Maybe something is broke? book yourself in for facials

Like a little gym for your skin, every 6 to 8 weeks or closer between if you have time

Don't go getting any acid peels or anything too harsh and make sure your last one before the wedding is at least 2 weeks (just in case) Start fixing your skin concerns a year to six months before the wedding.

Use a facecloth

Cheapest and extremely effective exfoliator don't be too rough and don't use extremes of hot or cold water

Mask it up

I love masks, they work. I have all different types of masks for different skin scenarios

My favourite pre make up mask is Charlotte Tilbury Baby skin. Invest it lasts ages! Make up application and lasting power is super duper post CT mask. At night try the L'oreal brightening mask or Vichy Pore mask if your looking for some oil control.

Sheet masks from Holland and Barrett fab little quick fixes for re-hydration etc

Puffy eyes

Puraderm under eye patches again another holland and barrett gem, I am sure you can get them online too...excellent value and they work. Estee Lauder also have great under eye patches not so budget friendly but when your under needs hydration and de-puffing anything goes. Recently I picked up Vitamin E patches in Pennys for €1.50 they were good too not amazing but took away a good amount of under eye puff so worth a look?


Even in winter. protect your skin I won't bore you with the details just pick a moisturiser that suits your skin type (oily, oily comb, dry combination, very dry) with an SPF and wear daily

I like: Garnier spf 30 facial mist

Image SPF32 oil free moisturiser

Any of the la roche posay, vichy (french pharmacy brands) They generally do what they do well at reasonable prices.

Remove your make up at night time.

I once heard that for every night you sleep in your make up it ages you SEVEN days that was all I needed to hear. Apparently your skin does all its major rejuvenation and healing between the hours of 10pm and 3am which could explain why we don't all look so marvellous after a night on the tiles... I'm no expert Im only repeating what I heard...


Hormones have a huge part to play in wreaking havoc with your skin....if this is you keep a skin diary, what you used, what worked, what caused a break out and see where the pattern lies? Consult a doctor, if hormones are you skin's enemy look after it up to a year before. I know lots of people seeing amazing results with hormonal skin imbalances and conditions after using Biofresh skincare worth looking into.

I am not paid or sponsored by any companies for mentioning their products, I am a product junkie myself. I had acne the best part of ten years so before any make up training took place I was naturally good at covering what needed to be covered and enhancing what might take the attention off my spots. I know a thing or too about skincare so these are just my tips and what worked for me won't work for everyone but elements may help. If you have any skincare concerns do get in touch, if I haven't got the answers I will find you someone who does.

Rebecca x

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