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Make up workshops

Good news ladies due to the success of my personal make up work shops I have decided to make them an annual event. This year I have decided to change up the format of the classes so that each class is targeted to specific skin types. Every face I work with, I always find women struggling to get the right make up to suit their individual needs. Without fail everyone asks me what is the BEST foundation, the truth is I don't have an answer for that question, I have the best foundation to suit each individual person depending on their skin type and their personal coverage preferences. So with that in mind my new classes will be dealing with all these queries, all the oily an combination skin women in one room with one common goal to get make up to stay on! All the very dry and dry skin type women with all the same questions. All the normal women who have absolutely no excess oil and no dryness (you are few and far between) Problematic skin, mature skin, etc etc

This year my classes were fully booked out by the end of October '16 and I had to keep adding dates, I have no more dates to add to the table for 2018 so It'll be first come, first served.

I am also offering up-skilling classes for the beauty professionals out there that have been with me before looking to boost their product knowledge and confidence in dealing with make up clients, these will be over a three week period with a max of eight to a class. Early booking is essential as this has been requested by so many individuals.

Looking forward to meeting all my learners in 2018

Location: Teach Dara community Centre Kildare town

Contact me today to book your place !

Tel. 0872186603


Dates: Cost €95 (€25 deposit balance payable on your date)

January 2018. 6-9pm

Monday 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th,

Feb 6th, Feb 19th

Beauty Up-Skilling (three weeks 6-9pm)

Monday 22nd, 29th Feb 5th

Cost: €280 ( €100 deposit, balance payable over the three week period)

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