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Tanning Tips

So not necessarily a 'blog' but here you will find all my tips and advice regarding Skincare, tan, lipstick choices and general prep not only for the bride but handy info for all the bridesmaids too!!

My first one I am going to start with is Tanning for the big day or indeed any occasion where you might be getting make up done to match a tan.

1. EXFOLIATION This is key to a decent result, either with a DIY tan or a professional spray tan exfoliation should start from at least a week before the main tanning event.

post exfoliation prep the skin with a good body moisturiser, do this daily before the tanning event.

2. Don't feel pressured to wear tan if you generally don't wear it. I find more and more women are starting to embrace their natural skin tones in recent years. You will look and feel more comfortable and confident if you feel that you look like yourself.

3. If you always wear tan either daily, weekly or for special occasions and night out you should wear tan.


If you plan to wear tan on the day it is so important that you wear tan for your wedding make up trial. It'll help determine colours chosen and give you a much better indication of how everything will look on the day.

5. Get a tanning trial or do tanning trials on yourself.

From a bronzed golden glow to the most natural of tans they can turn out really lovely once and then be a disaster every other time. Just try it out and if your planning to do your own tan then get good at it. Practise makes perfect :)

6. Tan your face ....If getting a spray tan one light layer across the face is enough but when it stops in a line at the neck you can match up but my worry is camera flash later in the day can show up the skin beneath and give a white cast to the face. If you don't tan the face because you're afraid of breakout or accentuating pores etc try rubbing an ice cube over cleansed skin it will close all the pores prior to tan application once the tan is on the face use your face moisturiser on top I find this gives great results. This is a great tip also if you have spots or bumps on the backs of your arms and shins.

7. Use hand cream after your tanning on your hands, feet and wrist area the tan will develop better when moisture has been added post application...I am sure there are plenty of people who might disagree with some of my tips but these are tried, tested and trusted there's a reason I've only ever had two spray tans in my life!!

8. Brands I find good and always seem to be the ones I compliment on other people

Dove Gradual tanner

St.Tropez every day gradual tanner Light/Medium for pale skin tones and Medium/deep for darker skin tones

Cocoa brown

Bellamianta (For those who like a deep tan)

I will add to this as I go in the coming days :)

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