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Getting Lippy!!

Lipstick....The product that is on most of our lips most of the time!!

Sooooo Lipstick is one of those things most people fall into two or three categories

1. Lipstick Lover, you own about a 100 varying colours depending on your mood you might throw on whatever suits as long as you've something on your lips your happy it can be matte or satin finish liquid lipstick or lip palette you kind of a junkie and not afraid to experiment. I can pretty much pick a lipstick to suit the look we've chosen and you will be happy.

2.Lipstick wearer But only slightly varying tones of the lipstick you have always worn, every day you know what suits and you stick to it. If I pick a new shade for you even though you may have expressed an interest in wearing red on your big day, you will potentially hate it because its just not you.

3.Get that stuff away from me!!! So you generally don't bother with anything on your lips I know sooooo many ladies that fall into this category. Don't like the look or the feel of it cannot be dealing with 'weird' colours and textures where I want to eat and drink! I hear ya I'm kind of like this daily but I do love a bit of lippy for a night out.

So whats the point of this post??

Before coming for your trial or if your a bridesmaid in a bridal party have an idea of your shade, style, texture, Do you like lip gloss as opposed to lip stick would you rather wear something you're used to?

I generally carry little sampling jars around in my kit to give you a sample of what I've used to top up for the day...At the moment Im awaiting a jar delivery. Its something to think about or consider prior to the morning of the wedding. If your a bride and want to pick up glosses or presents for your bridesmaids give me a shout I can recommend and suggest colours to suit the overall colour scheme of the day.

Red lips on the day of the wedding... if this is something you do for nights out and special occasions go for it!! I always advise though that if its not your "go to" for a night out the wedding day is not time for experimenting.

Lipstick is so personal, bring me along all your faves and your make up bag so we can get a good feel for what you might like

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